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Child Care Center Infant and Toddler Program Checklist Sample (CRT). In Ciklum, we create an environment and atmosphere that stimulates not only professional but also personal growth. We use a human-centered approach to creating transformative, digital experiences that solve the most complex business challenges. Wolfram Science. Technology-enabling science of the computational universe. Wolfram Natural Language Understanding System. Knowledge-based, broadly deployed natural language. Postdoctoral researcher Michael Saul, left, IGB director and entomology professor Gene Robinson and their colleagues found that genes that are closely associated with autism spectrum disorders in humans are regulated differently in the brains of socially unresponsive honey bees than in .

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  • The Wolfram Language has state-of-the-art capabilities for the construction, training and deployment of neural network machine learning systems. Many standard layer types are available and are assembled symbolically into a network, which can then immediately be trained and deployed on available CPUs and GPUs. Classify — automatic training and classification using neural networks and other methods.

    Predict — automatic training and data prediction. FeatureExtraction — automatic feature extraction from image, text, numeric, etc.

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  • LearnDistribution — automatic learning of data distribution. ImageIdentify — fully trained image identification for common objects. NetModel — complete pre-trained net models.

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  • ResourceData — access to training data, networks, etc. NetGraph — symbolic representation of trained or untrained net graphs to be applied to data. NetChain — symbolic representation of a simple chain of net layers. NetPort — symbolic representation of a named input or output port for a layer. NetExtract — extract properties and weights etc.

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    NetInformation — give summary and detailed information about any network. NetTrain — train parameters in any net from examples.

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    NetInitialize — randomly initialize parameters for a network. NetPortGradient — differentiate a net with respect to a port.

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    NetStateObject — store and reuse recurrent state in a net. NetTrainResultsObject — represent what happened in net training. NetMeasurements — measure the performance of a net on test data. TrainingProgressMeasurements — measure performance metrics during training.


    LinearLayer — trainable layer with dense connections computing. ElementwiseLayer — apply a specified function to each element in a tensor. SoftmaxLayer — layer globally normalizing elements to the unit interval. ConstantArrayLayer — embed a learned constant array into a NetGraph.

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    EmbeddingLayer — trainable layer for embedding integers into continuous vector spaces. AttentionLayer — trainable layer for finding parts of a sequence to attend to. NetMapOperator — define a network that maps over a sequence.

    NetMapThreadOperator — define a network that maps over multiple sequences.

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    NetFoldOperator — define a recurrent network that folds in elements of a sequence. NetSharedArray — represent an array shared between several layers. NetInsertSharedArrays — convert all arrays in a net into shared arrays.

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    NetEncoder — convert images, categories, etc. NetDecoder — interpret net-generated numerical arrays as images, probabilities, etc.

    Ramp — rectified linear ReLU. ClassifierMeasurements — measure accuracy, recall, etc. DeleteMissing — remove missing data before training.

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